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Meet The Vampire Cat Who Is Terrifyingly Adorable

By Karly Carpena
November 14, 2016


Nicole Rienzie and her mom were driving home one day when they almost ran over a tiny kitten that was “very skinny, filthy, flea infested with severe conjunctivitis in both eyes.” Rather than drop him off at the nearest animal shelter, Rienzie took the kitty home and tried to find him a forever home.


Nicole was going through a dark time in her life and didn’t think she could handle taking care of a cat.


“I had lost my father to brain cancer and a close friend in a plane crash,” admits Rienzie.


“I was grieving heavily and dealing with chronic pain from [a car] accident. I believe he was sent to me,” she says.


Monk has tiny fangs that make him look like the feline version of Dracula.


“The vet says he is very healthy and just blessed with the largest canines around,” says Rienzie.


The fangs are 3/4 inch long from the gum line.


Initially, followers on their popular Instagram account thought Monk’s fangs were photoshopped.


“I love them and wouldn’t change a thing about him. He’s unique. With or without the fangs he’s special to me,” says Rienzie.

Source: LoveMeow