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Meet The Bikers Who Protect Victims Of Child Abuse

By Karly Carpena
May 4, 2016

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Most motorcycle gangs are vicious and commit violent crimes. But Bikers Against Child Abuse International’s mission is completely the opposite. They help sexually and physically abused children by making them feel safer.

The motorcycle group of volunteers are on call 24/7 no matter what the issue or request. They do anything from escorting them to court, to school and to a therapy session. The goal is for these children to never fear or feel alone.


In the video below, the BACA crew in Los Angeles meet with Mika, a young boy who reached out to the group Mika after he was abused by a relative.


Mika says “The group has helped him through some very difficult times”. They helped to give him the strength to testify against his abuser and put him behind bars. The group will go as far to have 40 members sit in on the court session to give the child a support system.