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Mom-To-Be Took A Maternity Photo At The Park, But Look Closely At The Guy Behind Her!

By Ace Nichols
February 20, 2016

Photographer Ashley Hempel was hired in 2013 to take maternity photos of a Kansas-city based mom-to-be, Laura, but she never expected one of the photos to go viral upon posting it to Facebook.

Laura’s husband Aaron had a great idea to photobomb one of Laura’s maternity photos and it turned out to be EPIC. Laura sat down in the grass and held her baby belly while the photographer snapped some shots of her. But then, she heard laughing coming from behind her and quickly realized what was going on. Her husband was doing his own poses behind her, holding his beer belly.


In just a few hours after posting the photo to Facebook, she was shocked at the massive response it was receiving. It looked like everyone loved the photo and thought it was just as hilarious as her husband intended it to be.

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