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Every Pregnant Woman In Finland Gets THIS ‘Maternity Box’. Wait Till You See What’s Inside…

By Karly Carpena
March 3, 2016

In Finland, every pregnant woman gets a ‘Maternity Box’. Inside is a collection of useful items that every new mom needs – even the box itself turns into a crib!


Each box comes with a brand new snow suit, hat, mittens, and a “warm body suit”.


It also includes a sleeping bag and sheet.


Hats, balaclava, pads, socks, and tights. The small bag has a little book, a toy, condoms, and some other small baby hygiene products.


There’s a cloth diaper, and a towel, but the rest is almost all clothing in various styles and forms, all gender-neutral. The bottom of the box is also a mattress, so the baby is able to use it as a bed at the beginning of her life.


Source: Reddit