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Here’s Why Someone Should Massage Your Feet Before You Sleep Each Night…

By Karly Carpena
January 10, 2016

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Although many of us can’t afford to go to a massage parlor or get a pedicure every day, the truth is that our feet deserve a little love each and every day!

A simple massage can be performed in a matter of minutes by simply rubbing the undersides of each toe in succession, and also working your fingers on the tops of your feet and the balls. According to NutriLover, this massage will have a marvelous effect on a number of interrelated systems in your body including increasing your rate of metabolism, increasing the level of oxygen in the tissue, amplifying the strength and elasticity of your skin, and improving your blood circulation.

In addition, the massage can benefit muscles which become both stronger and more relaxed as they stretch and shrink in tune with the massaging actions.

By applying a 10-to-15 minute massage at the end of each day, according to a report by Time For Natural Healthcare, we can actually heal our feet from the ravages of day-to-day living.