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Woman Is Attacked By A Random Stranger. Months Later, Her Boyfriend Notices THIS Photo…

By Karly Carpena
November 30, 2015

Maria Williamson was sitting in her car at a red light, when out of nowhere a carjacker approached her car and shot her in the face. She was rushed to hospital and miraculously survived, but the 26-year-old had to undergo two surgeries and have her right eye removed.

Two months passed, and Maria was recovering from her terrible incident when her boyfriend saw a photo on Facebook of something he thought might help her heal…


It was a picture of an 8-week-old puppy named Bear, who had been attacked by other dogs and lost an eye too.


When Maria’s boyfriend showed Maria Bear’s photo to her, she felt an immediate connection. He emailed Animal Rescue Foundation and explained to them that Bear could help Maria recover and Maria would help Bear too. That very day the couple went down to the shelter and adopted him.


Maria renamed Bear ‘Yogi’ and says they are both survivors and get to share their stories.