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Man Sees A Video Of A Dog Being Dumped On Side Of Road And Comes To Rescue Him

By Ace Nichols
March 28, 2016

I’ll never understand how people can be so cruel to their animals, but thankfully there are people in this world who are there to rescue some of the animals when they’re awfully mistreated.

Last week in a town near Itabira, Brazil, a woman on her bicycle filmed a heartbreaking clip of a dog being dumped out of a truck onto the side of the road and as the truck sped away, the dog ran behind it trying to keep up.

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The woman on the bike who shot the video tried to return to the spot later to help save the dog, but he was no longer there. The video quickly went viral on social media and luckily, a man who saw the video stepped up and came to the dog’s rescue. He went out to the spot where the dog was last seen and after two long days of searching, he miraculously found the dog.

A news website, DeFato Online, shared the man’s story in an article and video, showing the pup happy and safe with his brand new family. The family also shared this message:

“So people, this here is the dog we rescued who created so much controversy here in Itabira. Moved by the story, we decided to go after him. Now he’s being taken care of at home, with food and everything he needs.”

So thankful for people in this world like this man and his family that are willing to do the right thing for abandoned and mistreated animals.

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