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Heartbroken Man Marries His Fiancé In Her Hospital Bed Four Days Before She Died

By Ace Nichols
March 11, 2016

Adam Welch, 29, and Kerry Vincent, 27, got married in Kerry’s hospital bed four short days before she died in his arms when she lost her battle to ovarian cancer.


The couple from Warrington, Cheshire, decided on searching out a nice venue in Malta to hold their ceremony after getting engaged last April, but plans came to a halt in July when Kerry was diagnosed with cancer.


Before their trip to Malta to check out the venue, Kerry started to feel bloated and ill. At first, her doctor thought it was irritable bowl syndrome and she was tested for food intolerances. But then, after an ultrasound, they discovered a cyst on the right side of Kerry’s ovary. The doctors advised her that it could be removed routinely, so she went on the trip anyways and planned on dealing with it when she got back.


While the couple were spending time in Malta, Kerry’s stomach continued to grow rapidly. The hotel staff wouldn’t even serve alcohol to her, because they assumed she was pregnant.

The photo on the left was taken in May and the photo on the right was taken six short weeks after, showing the drastic change in her stomach.


Once Kerry returned from vacation, they removed the cyst to find that it measured 18cm by 22cm and weighed 4.5lb. The doctors then realized this was much more than they thought at first and she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She started treatments of chemotherapy and seemed to be fighting the disease, but soon after – the cancer returned.

The doctors told Kerry there was nothing more that they could do after her health took a terrible turn in February. The couple still wanted to be married, even though they both knew they didn’t have much time left to spend together. So, Adam organized a wedding in just four hours with the help of his friends and family.


Sadly, four days later, Kerry died in Adam’s arms. Adam said, “It was as if she had held on for the wedding. I am heartbroken, but I am bursting with pride to be able to call Kerry my wife. She was an amazing woman.”

Adam started a Just Giving page to raise money for Target Ovarian Cancer and he will also complete a sky dive next month in Kelly’s honor to raise funds.

He said, “Kerry was a very caring and thoughtful person, and she would be proud that our fundraising will hopefully help to prevent other women dying needlessly as she did.”


Share this story with your friends and family on Facebook today and please check out Adam’s Just Giving page to make a donation to help earlier diagnoses of ovarian cancer.