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This Old Man Hasn’t Taken A Shower In 60 Years! Then I Found Out He Smokes THIS…

By Karly Carpena
July 12, 2016

Most people won’t even go a day without taking a shower or brushing their teeth. Can you imagine going to work and having to sit next to someone who hadn’t taken a shower or bathed himself in over 60 years?!


This man believes that taking showers has negative effects on his body and health, which is why he has chosen to not was himself all this time.


In fact, he has said that he never plans on changing his lifestyle in the future.


Amou Haji of Iran is an 81-years-old man that used to live a normal life with his family in his village but then started to believe that keeping clean was having a negative effect on his health.


Going 61 years without a wash, he now lives on the outskirts of town, sleeping in a hole he dug in the ground.


Locals have tried to help the man by offering him shelter, food, and a bath, but he refuses to change his ways…


If the fact that Amou doesn’t bath doesn’t gross you out, he likes to eat decaying animal feces he finds on the side of the road or in his village.


Haji also smokes animal feces from his pipe! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!


While this may sound like a horrible way to live, Amou is content and feels free to live the life the way he likes. Hey more power to you I guess.