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Man Has His Nose Removed To Look Like ‘Red Skull’. Today He Looks Like THIS…OMG!

By Karly Carpena
July 20, 2016

Though comic conventions are a great place to meet comic creators and shop for superhero, TV, and movie memorabilia, many people go just to show off their costumes. These “Cosplayers” as they call themselves really get into it, making creations that are almost too real.

People spend up to a quarter of a million dollars creating these elaborate costumes to wear to these events. But Henry Damon took things to the extreme by undergoing surgery to achieve the look of his favorite comic book villain.

His transformation is taking obsession a little too far in our opinion, but hey to each their own I guess.


Now 37, Henry Damon has had an obsession with the famous Marvel comic book villain “Red Skull”.
Since he was a child, he has wanted to go under the knife to truly become Red Skull by tattooing his skin and eyes, adding prosthetics in his face, and even cutting off his nose!

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