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Man gives waitress huge tip to help pay for her dog’s operation

By Karly Carpena
December 2, 2016

Clinton, New Jersey, resident Christina Summitt has to stay on top of three jobs while raising three step-children and volunteering for an animal rescue group. Her husband works full-time as well. One day she suddenly found herself in an even more challenging situation. Their beloved family dog Tucker’s life was in danger after he swallowed a tennis ball. Despite her full workdays, she didn’t hesitate for a moment to take him to the veterinary clinic.


Tucker, who’s a Lab-Great Dane mix, had been with them for three years already. Christina loved this dog as if her were one of her children. But when she heard that the operation would cost $2,700, she did have to hesitate. They simply didn’t have that kind of money at hand. Finally though, she decided to do it, to save Tucker’s life. She would find a way to pay for it somehow, she thought.


On one of her evening shifts as a bartender at a hotel bar soon after that, she found herself chatting with customers, who asked about her dog-paw tattoo.


After exchanging pet stories, Christina ended up telling them about Tucker and the operation. She already had a plan at that point: she was going to raise the money by selling her car. It was going to be a huge loss. Life would be really tough without the car but she loved Tucker too much not to do it.

Eventually one customer asked for his tab. He entered a number in the usual place for the tip and handed Christina his credit card. Of course you usually give 15 to 20% of the bill, but when Christina looked down and saw what he’d written, she could hardly believe her eyes. He was giving her $1,000.


Christina went back to ask him if there was a mistake. But he confirmed that it was completely correct and said he’d be praying for the dog’s speedy recovery. He left Christina crying tears of joy and relief. She posted the receipt on Facebook to show the whole world what had happened and the story even made it onto television.


Tucker has meanwhile completely recovered from his operation. What a stroke of luck that Christina didn’t have to go into debt or sell her car. Instead, help arrived in the form of an incredibly generous, complete stranger.