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Man Gives Hair Cuts To Shelter Dogs To Help Them Find Forever Homes

By Ace Nichols
February 28, 2016

Leaving the salon after a fresh, new hair cut is a feeling we can all relate to. There’s just something about it that makes you feel brand new. The same can go for dogs, as well. When a dog is groomed it can change their entire mood, and help with their chances of being adopted into a forever home.

Mark Imhof, or Mark The Dog Guy, is a volunteer dog groomer in NYC that loves to help the shelter pets at NYC (ACC) by grooming them up to show off their beautiful souls in hopes to help them become more adoptable. Before he started working with animals a few years ago, Mark was an NYU MBA businessman.

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Many dogs that come into the shelter have awful matts in their fur, are dirty and have been neglected. Often times, people don’t realize that matts not only cause major discomfort for the animal, but it can also be very painful.

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On Mark’s Facebook page, he explains, “Imagine tying all your hair in knots as tight to your scalp as possible so no comb could be pulled through the hair without ripping hair out. THAT is matted fur. It is very painful for a dog and quite difficult for a groomer to work through, but that is the groomer’s job to help the dog.”

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“Now, please put yourself in the position of the dog with matted hair and imagine yourself in pain every time you move. Would you be a pleasant person to speak with? I don’t think I would.”

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“This is why grooming a dog can bring about a complete transformation and improve a dog’s chances of being adopted. A dog’s personality and demeanor can change after a grooming,” says Mark. “A badly matted dog may be cranky, may bite a lot, and often is considered unsocial.”

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“Cleaning and grooming such a dog can increase adoptability as well as improve a dog you own to be more sociable.”

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Check out more of Mark’s before and after photos of transformation on his Instagram page!

Mark is truly doing something amazing for these animals, and when he’s not volunteering at the animal shelter, he is running his own dog grooming business.

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