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A Man Found Something He NEVER Expected When He Was Cleaning Out His Roomba!

By Ace Nichols
March 24, 2016

When cleaning out your vacuum cleaner, you can always come across some questionable things, but this takes it to a whole different level of strange.. AND SCARY! A man went to clean out his Roomba to find a snake wrapped up inside!

An Israeli man named Tomer Avni living in Haifa, saw a small snake peaking out from the inside of his iRobot when he went to go clean it. He wasn’t sure at that point if the snake was dead or alive and didn’t want to take any chances, so he sent over some photos of the snake to a snake catcher.

But, the snake catcher couldn’t really tell from the photos what the man was dealing with, so he went to the home to check it out himself.

Once there, he determined the snake was a small Asian Racer, which is not very dangerous, although they do bite. Thankfully, it was not a Viper, a very poisonous snake that is known to creep around Avni’s particular area.

Everything turned out to be just fine, and now they have a story to tell that they’ll never forget. Could you imagine finding a SNAKE inside of your vacuum cleaner? I would freak out. What about you?

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