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A Canadian Man Proposed To His Girlfriend Once He Found Out He Could Donate His Kidney To Her

By Ace Nichols
February 10, 2016

Meet Christian Willenborg and Errin Tollefson, a couple engaged to be married. After Willenborg found out that he just so happened to be a perfect match to donate his kidney to his soon-to-be-wife, he did just that.


This Saskatoon couple met five years ago and during the time they’ve been together, Tollefson has been battling with health issues.

On the couple’s fourth date, Tollefson revealed to Willenborg that she was born with only one kidney and it was now failing and no longer functioning as it should. Willenborg was shocked to hear this news, because he thought “she was so full of life.”

Tollefson’s dad was a match and agreed to donate his kidney, but after learning he had cancer that metastasized to his own kidney, he was unable to do so and passed away.


Although Willenborg had already thought about donating his kidney early on, it didn’t really hit him until about four months into their relationship when Tollefson began suffering from a very bad infection. He decided to take action and as it turned out, he was a near perfect match.

“When you see death in your loved ones eyes, when you see fear in your loved one’s eyes, you’re compelled to act,” he told CTV Saskatoon.


Tollefson is now recovering in isolation after surgery and told CTV Saskatoon, “I have a whole new shot at life and to get it from my fiancé, is just incredible and such a perfect gift.”


It looks like the organ donation was a success and they are scheduled to get married on August 6th. What a beautiful story filled with love.


[SOURCE: CTV Saskatoon]