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Perfect Makeup Looks Inspired by Greek Mythology

By Giselle
October 8, 2016

Want to look like a god/goddess? Take a cue from these classic deities.


Zeus is the king of the gods, known for his power over the sky and the weather. Copy smokey eye queen Olivia Wilde and blend your deepest, greyest blue with shimmering silver in the very corner. Don’t forget to line your waterline to create an Olympus-approved look.


As the queen of the gods, Hera always has to have a commanding intensity. Rooney Mara always has sharp, sleek makeup that will make you feel like the goddess of women.


Poseidon is the god of the ocean. Bust out your turquoise eyeshadow and copy Ginnifer Goodwin’s bold look. You will look like an ethereal being from the sea.


As the goddess of the harvest and agriculture, a look inspired by Demeter would not be complete without a splash of green. Emma Stone uses a stunning emerald color over her lid and under only half of her eye, to retain a semi-natural look.


Athena is the goddess of war and intellect, so her makeup must ooze power, intelligence, and sophistication. Camilla Belle’s bold brow and chocolate lips are bold and universally flattering.


Apollo is the god of music and the sun. Charlize Theron’s bronzed, gilded look is perfectly poetic and warm.


Artemis is the complement of her brother, Apollo. She is the goddess of wild animals, and the protector of young girls. She must have a natural, albeit heavenly look. Rita Ora flawlessly blends striking silver in the corners of her eyes, to a matte brown on her lid. Finish this look off with a clear gloss.


Last but not least, Aphrodite: goddess of sex and beauty. A classic red lip is a necessity, along with a subtle, sexy, cat eye. Rosie Huntington Whiteley looks just like the iconic deity.