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This Dog Was Found On An Island Living Off Mice After Being Lost At Sea For 5 Weeks

By Ace Nichols
March 17, 2016

An 18-month-old dog named Luna went missing five weeks ago off a fishing boat in Southern California and was found on a small island by U.S. Navy personnel.

The beautiful, blue-eyed dog was reported missing by her owner Nick Hayworth on February 10th. She was presumed to be dead after the Navy did a search around the San Clemente island and came up with nothing, which was about 2 miles from where Luna went missing.

But on Tuesday, a Navy official happened to find her on a base near the island, sitting there wagging her tail. They believe she swam over to the island when she went missing and has been surviving off of eating mice for the past five weeks.

Luna was flown to a Navy base on Wednesday where she met up with her owner’s friend, because her owner happens to be out of town for work. But, don’t worry – they’ll be reunited very soon!

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