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I Had No Idea That The Little Nub Inside A Peanut Is Actually Very Important…

By Karly Carpena
March 9, 2016

Unless you’re allergic, peanuts are a delicious snack that provide a lot of nutrients. But what if we told you that there is more to the peanut than initially meets the eye?

When taking a closer look inside a peanut, you will notice a little nub – most of you have never even thought about this before…


It turns out that the “little nub” is the embryo of the nut. Because a nut is a seed, if it were to be planted in soil, it would grow into a peanut plant – we all know that. But peanuts aren’t plants, but are actually classed as legumes. They don’t grow on trees like walnuts, instead, the peanut fruit in the ground.


So the next time your eating peanuts at a bar or party, you can brag about what that little nub is!