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Little Girl Has To Testify Against Her Attacker. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Dog…

By Karly Carpena
October 19, 2015

This story proves that dogs are a man’s best friend…and therapist!


A Washington based non-profit organization named Courthouse Dogs believes that dogs have the eability to ease nerves and tensions of children who are needed to testify in court.

Testifying in court can be emotional as an adult, but could you imagine being the victim of child abuse or any other case that involves a child as a victim?



Testifying against your attacker can cause conditions such as PTSD and leave the child/victim with unwanted memories of the incident.


Courthouse Dogs believes that children feel safer when a dog is by their side. The more relaxed a victim is, the more likely they are to tell the truth.

Ellen O’Neill Stephens, cofounder of Courthouse Dogs says:

“I used to think, when I went into the courtroom, I was supposed to make the witnesses squirm, uncomfortable, so they’d somehow blurt out the truth. But now I’m telling judges, that technique doesn’t work.”


Courthouse Dogs ensures that each dog has passed through years of training and are put under mental stress from the time they are puppies so that they develop the right recognition skills.