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Driver Sees A Bloodied 5-Year-Old On The Side Of The Road, Then She Points At A HORRIFYING Scene…

By Karly Carpena
February 29, 2016

It was a beautiful day when Angela Shymanski was driving home with her children Lexi and Peter. After long day of working, she dozes off to sleep…What happened next almost cost the family their lives!


The car suddenly shoots off of a 12 meter cliff and crashes into a large tree. Once the debris settles, Lexi opens her eyes and notices that she has some minor cuts and bruises. Then she hears her 3-month-old brother crying for his life!

Her mother is knocked unconscious in the driver’s seat…Where they crashed nobody would be able to help them, so the 5-year-old did something incredible!


Lexi drags herself out of the car and climbs up the steep cliff. Weakened by the crash, she waves her arms as a car drives by.

When the paramedics aarrive, they had to use a rope to scale the steep cliff (Even though Lexi had just done it barefoot). The mother and her children are then evacuated by helicopter to the closest hospital.


Peter (The baby) experienced brain swelling and Angela’s back was broken…But they all survived thanks to the brave little girl: “It’s crazy!” says Angela, who is slowly recovering from her injuries. “You can hardly even open the child seat she was in. It’s amazing what Lexi did and we’re eternally grateful and proud of it.”