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Lego-Style Apartment Transforms Into Infinite Spaces

By Karly Carpena
March 31, 2016

37-year-old Christian Schallert from Austria recently bought a 24 m² apartment in Barcelona, but his mother was not happy about it to say the least. Not only did you have to climb 100 stairs to get there, but it was so tiny it was unlivable!


But Christian had a vision for what the tiny apartment could become. It had a great location and amazing views.

This is what the apartment looked like beforehand: The bathroom is back behind the green wall.


And here’s what it looks like after Christian finished his renovation. He removed the bathroom walls and installed a transparent shower stall. For his new apartment he decided to be inspired by techniques often used in boats – everything can be tucked away into the walls! The front door near the back of the room is still in the same place, but everything else looks completely different.


The kitchen and refrigerator are snugged behind this door.


The dining table also drops down from the opposite wall.


The bed is stored underneath the balcony when he doesn’t need it and can be pulled out easily when he’s ready to call it a night.



“People always ask how I can eat so many sweets and stay so fit. I live in an action-apartment,” he said. “I’m constantly moving things, burning calories.”



Check out the full video tour of his tiny Lego apartment.