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Landlord’s Unexpected Kindness Helps Homeless Single Mother Of Two

By Karly Carpena
November 2, 2015

Pearl Zambrano is a single mother of two kids and with no job and no way to pay the bills. The worst part, is that she had already been homeless for most of her life. But on her birthday, her landlord gave her a present that changed her life!

Rafael Trevino told Pearl that she and her family could live in one of his empty apartments for free. The only thing she wanted in return was that she make him a promise to finish college and provide for her kids. Although she offered to pay him back, Rafael has said no, “not to stress”.


Rafael says he learned generosity from his father: “I grew up without my father… And I would hear all these stories of how he would go around helping people,” he said.

Pearl nominated Rafael to be the “Pay it 4Ward recipient” – a reward program offered by her local news station.