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Two Kittens Rescued After Being Colored In With Green And Purple Ink!

By Ace Nichols
April 27, 2016

Police dropped two kittens off to a U.K. cat rescue center in Bradford, West Yorkshire that were colored in green and purple permanent marker.

According to their Facebook post, “Shrek and Smurf,” were dropped off to them on Monday and although they have seen their fair share of things come into the rescue center, this was a first. And the police who dropped the kittens off at the shelter did not have any information on who might have done this to the kittens or where exactly they came from.

A volunteer from the shelter, Katie Jane, said on Facebook that whoever did this to these kittens committed “a dreadful act of cruelty.”

Jane also added that the kittens have been making “marvelous progress.” She contacted a veterinary poison information service to inquire about how she should remove the ink safely from the kittens’ bodies and she has been feeding them every four hours.

In her updated post, Jane said that, “The colour is fading and they are now taking their feeds well.”

We’re glad they’re doing good now. I mean, just look at those cute little faces!

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