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Kid Is Claiming He Got Face Herpes While Playing Sports At School

By Ace Nichols
March 9, 2016

Here’s something you definitely don’t want your kid to contract at school: Herpes Gladiatorum, which is essentially face herpes, and is very common amongst wrestlers.

A student and wrestler at San Jose high school in Fresno, CA, Blake Flovin, contracted this strain of herpes from coming into contact with it on a wrestling mat or on another player.

Blake and his father are now trying to get school authorities to cancel the big championship this weekend due to the particular strain being SUPER contagious.


Blake and his father are extremely worried and concerned about this is because when they met with a dermatologist to find out what the little red lesions were on Blake’s face, they misdiagnosed him with acne. Even the doctors at the wrestling matches were wrong about what was really up with Blake’s face!

Although all the kids have to pass a skin test before competing on the mat, if doctors misdiagnosed Blake’s skin problem, who’s to say they won’t do the same with other kids? This would allow kids who have contracted the same thing to spread it on to others.

Blake has decided to focus on football in the meantime and ABC News reported doctors will be on hand at the tournament, which The California Interscholastic Federation says will go on as scheduled.

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