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Policeman pulls over unsuspecting vehicle, then hands her $100 bill from secret santa

By Karly Carpena
November 21, 2016


Every year around Christmas, an anonymous, wealthy businessman hands out about $100,000 to strangers, according to the CBS Evening News. This year, however, he’s turned to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department for help.


The man, known only to law enforcement personnel as “Secret Santa,” gave officers earlier this month stacks of $100 bills to give away to those that the cops determined needed it most.

“Let’s start with a thousand,” the mystery man said as he handed each officer cash to disperse to strangers in the community.


The cops were then sent out into the Kansas City area, targeting those they thought were in need of some holiday magic.

“Merry Christmas,” one deputy said as he handed money to an individual he had just pulled over.