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Jose Fernandez’s Girlfriend Shares His Final Moments On The Day He Died

By Karly Carpena
September 29, 2016

Miami Marlins talented pitcher Jose Fernandez has sadly passed away this weekend after the boat he was on capsized after striking a Miami Bay jetty at very high speeds. He not only left fans heartbroken, and a promising career. He also left a beautiful story of survival, determination, and worst of all, pregnant girlfriend Maria Arias whom he contacted on Instagram before dying.

The Rookie of the Year had a heartwarming past. He came to the U.S. on a boat after leaving his home country, Cuba. They couldn’t get to soil on the first 3 attempts, but after persevering and risking it all, they got to land on the forth try.


The 24-year-old pitcher’ life was sadly cut short, after a boating accident took his life, leaving a promising career behind and thousands of loved ones grieving his absence.


Marlin’s manager Don Mattingly, who along with all the other teammates and coaches were visibly distraught, said that there was true joy with Jose when he played.


Despite the tragedy removing him from the physical world, Jose Fernandez was, in the words of fellow baseball shortstop, “One of the biggest talents the world has ever seen.” It’s safe to say, the world of sports is devastated by his loss. But Jose’s resilience will surprise the few of those who weren’t familiar with his story.