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He Heard Cries Coming From A Dark Hole In The Wall. Who They Find? This Is HORRIFYING!

By Karly Carpena
April 14, 2016

Animal rescuers at the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), in Bangkok, Thailand receive an email that brought them to tears! A local resident had found an ape living in a “dark, dirty hole”.


The resident led the animal rescuers to through a dangerous and filthy alley to a small hole. Inside was a caged ape peeking through barbed wire.


The ape had apparently been trapped for two decades in this tiny hole between two houses! People immediately start trying to get little Joe, as he’s now called, out of his enclosure.


Edwin Wiek, the founder of WFFT, remembers: “I have seen so many mistreated animals, but Joe definitely sticks out. The pictures only show a fraction of how bad it really was for him.”


They now refer to his prison where he had been living for 25 years as the “hell hole”. Joe had limited access to water and the floor was covered in garbage and his excrement.


Joe’s muscles were completely useless as he had limited mobility. He was able to survive because passerbyers occasionally left food or water out for him.


Once the rescuers free Joe, they wrapped the frightened animal in a blanket and try to comfort him. He slowly understands that his suffering has come to an end.


At first Joe can barely walk, as his muscles are too malnourished. But in the caring hands of the organizations he slowly regains his strength.


They contacted the former owner who revealed that he left Joe behind because he couldn’t afford the fees at the local zoos. That’s when they found out he had been left to live in this hell hole since 1991!


Thankfully, Joe’s suffering is now over and this type of ape can live to be 35. Rescuers hope to make the last few years that he has left the best ones yet.