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Passengers Cheered Every Time Her Baby Cried. The Reason? This Is AMAZING!

By Karly Carpena
May 4, 2016


Flying with a baby on board can be a headache, both for the parent and the passengers. But JetBlue had passengers cheering on a six-hour flight from New York’s JFK Airport to Long Beach, California, every time a child cried.

The popular airline pulled a marketing Mother’s Day marketing stunt by giving travelers 25 percent off a future JetBlue trip every time a baby cried on the plane – four cries = 1 free flight!


In the video produced by Jetblue, “FlyBabies,” moms explain the stress of flying with their children. “People definitely give you some dirty looks,” one woman said. “I’m most nervous about her having a total meltdown and having everyone around us really wishing we weren’t on the plane.”

You can see the look on people’s faces as they walk down the aisle noticing all the baby’s on their plane. But after the plane took off, the flight attendant tells the passengers about the Mother’s Day deal and their moods suddenly change.

Soon after, the entire plane erupted in cheers every time a baby cried. I mean, could you imagine? HAHA. The stunt was created to remind passengers to show some compassion to mothers flying with their newborns.