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She Got Pregnant Via In Vitro Fertilization. 9 Months Later? Parents Make A SHOCKING Discovery…

By Karly Carpena
May 2, 2016

Jennifer Cramblett and her partner, Amanda Zinkon, were happily married and ready to start a family. They decided to get pregnant via in vitro fertilization. They went to a reputable sperm bank in Ohio to find the right donor for their child.

Nowadays, you can find “shop around” to find suitable donors based on a variety of factors and a “score”. Their hope was to have a beauty, healthy baby but chose to have a donor that had blue eyes and blonde hair.

Nine months after the procedure, Jennifer gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl. But all was not what they expected. The beautiful girl did not have blue eyes, nor blonde hair – she was an adorable African American girl.

How was this possible? It turns out that the sperm bank accidentally mixed up the donor’s “score” which from 380 to 330.

Jennifer is now suing the sperm bank on grounds of negligence, breach of contract and fraud. Litigation is currently ongoing and a ruling will be made later this year.

In response, Jennifer and Amanda have made it very clear that they love their daughter with all their hearts. The couple has even gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure their child has the best possible upbringing. The couple is truly making every effort imaginable to raise their daughter to be a compassionate human being who is accepting of people from all walks of life.