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When this fifth grader gave his teacher a present, she started to cry. Little did she know that this moment would change his life forever

By Christine
January 26, 2017


Jean decided to dig a little deeper and find out more about Teddy’s background and requested his school file. To her surprise she found that Teddy used to be a pleasant A student. His first grade teacher called him “a friendly, curious boy who likes to laugh” and congratulated him for his excellent attendance and attention to detail.

Even the second grade teacher commended Teddy as an excellent student who is well liked by his schoolmates. However, she also noted that his mother’s sickness was affecting the boy. It seemed like life at home was turning out to be very difficult.

The downward spiral started escalating in third grade, when his teacher noted that Teddy even though he was still working hard he didn’t seem to be able to overcome the death of his mother. It appeared as if his father had little to no use for the boy and mostly ignored the boys accomplishments. The teacher warned that the situation at home may cause this situation to get out of hand.

Finally the fourth grade teacher stated that Teddy was a loner with no interest in school, with no friends or any interest to make friends. Teddy keeps falling asleep in class and is often tardy…