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When this fifth grader gave his teacher a present, she started to cry. Little did she know that this moment would change his life forever

By Christine
January 26, 2017


Most teachers like to get to know their students, but sometimes first impressions can be deceiving. Jean Thompson discovered just how wrong first impressions can be when she started to focus on a little boy sitting in her fifth grade class.

Jean stood in her classroom on the first day of school welcoming her incoming fifth grade students. Like she had hundreds of times before she promised that she intended to treat everybody exactly the same. Jean knew that wasn’t actually true, especially with a little sad boy named Teddy Stoddard lurching in the third row.

She had noticed him earlier already in the school yard but didn’t pay too much attention to him. He seemed distanced and did not play with any of the other students. He was often dirty and moody, so the other kids stayed away from him.

During the first few months she had no choice but to give Teddy an “F” on many of his assignments even though she tried hard to find a reason to be lenient. It broke her heart to add to the apparent troubles this boy was already going through…