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Doctors Say He Has Weeks To Live. Teen Proves Them Wrong & Delivers POWERFUL Speech…

By Karly Carpena
November 11, 2015

What would you do if doctors told you you could be dead in a week? For Jake Bailey, the head boy at Christchurch Boys’ High School in New Zealand, this horror became a reality when he was diagnosed with Burkitts non-Hodgkinson lymphoma.


Before his diagnosis, the high school student wrote a speech for his school’s prize ceremony and, ever determined, left his hospital bed to deliver this address from a wheelchair…

Choking back tears at times, he said: “Forget about having long-term dreams. Let’s be passionately dedicated to the pursuit of short-term goals. Micro-ambitious. Work with pride on what is in front of us. We don’t know where we might end up. Or when it might end up.”

Bailey is currently undergoing chemotherapy: “The treatment is very tough on him but he is in a remarkably good frame of mind,” Christchurch Boys’ School headmaster Nic Hill said.