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She Noticed A Tiny Zit On Her Nose. Two Years Later? She Has A GIANT Hole In Her Face…

By Karly Carpena
June 20, 2016


A Tennessee woman, Jade Thrasher, was happily married. But one thing she loved doing all the time put a giant hole in her face. I had no idea this was even possible!

1Jade is a gorgeous woman that notice a tiny spot on her nose. Two years later, it kept popping and growing back.


2Jade had became obsessed with tanning: She would go to the salon to do three 20 minutes sessions a week, for eleven years. She even went as far to purchase a tanning be in her home!

“It is seen as unattractive to be pale where we live in Nashville, Tennessee,” she said. “When you’re a teenager you think you’re invincible, but I covered my face while using the sunbed and I still got cancer.”


3Jade was only 24 years old when she found out that the tiny speck was actually skin cancer!

Jade underwent plastic surgery to remove the cancer on her nose. The doctors had to removed six inches of skin from her chest to insert into the hole in her nose.


4“After surgery, for three weeks I could not bend over or do anything for myself because the graft on my sore was so crucial that I wasn’t allowed to apply pressure to my head. My husband had to help me get dressed and do daily tasks.”


5Since then she wears SPF 50 sunscreen and only gets spray tans:

“I want teenagers to see the photo of the hole in my nose so that they know what could happen.” She added, “I used to have a sunbed in my house, but I’ve thrown it in the trash. I didn’t want to sell it, because I didn’t want anybody else to go through what I went through. If I had carried on tanning, my skin would have been a whole lot worse.”