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It Only Takes 4 Minutes A Day To Correct Your Hunched Posture…

By Karly Carpena
May 29, 2016

When you have strong posture, your muscles are put in a position where they can be the most efficient. There’s no excess wear and tear on your joints or ligaments. Proper posture decreases your risk of degenerative arthritis and ensures your body will function pain-free as you age.

But in today’s age, bad posture is a widespread problem. Because computers and smartphones are so popular, many of us are accustomed to hunching our backs and leaning our heads in. This leads to bad posture that can become a painful problem later on.

Fortunately, bad, hunched posture is easy to fix. It requires patience, commitment, and four minutes everyday. Dr. Eric Goodman, founder of Foundation Training, shows three stretches that will lead to better posture. These stretches need to be performed everyday for the desired result.

1 The Founder


2 The Lunge Stretch