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Instead Of Renting An Apartment, Sign A Lease That Lets You Live Around The World

By Karly Carpena
May 17, 2016


You’ve probably heard that by 2020, 40% of the U.S. workforce will be independent workers. Today, there are already 53 million Americans (34% of the workforce) that fall into this category.

More people are leaving their steady corporate or agency jobs to work independently, on their own schedule with the clients they want to work with.

A new company called Roam manages and connects a network of co-living spaces around the world. For example, you could be living in Miami and working remotely for a month, then go to Madrid for 3 weeks and work remotely. By 2017, the startup plans to have 8-10 locations around the world.

Roam does not consider itself a vacation company, but caters more to people who have the ability to work remotely and aren’t dependent on a permanent office location.


Roam founder, Bruno Haidfter, worked remotely and was constantly juggling Airbnbs and co-working places while abroad. That’s when the idea struck him…

“Just managing my stuff and going back and forth between Airbnbs and housesitting became more cumbersome over time,” Haid told FastCoExist.

“At the same time, I was involved in a couple of early co-living communities in San Francisco, and saw the cultural value of something like that.”


Residents each have their own private bedroom and bathroom, but they also have access to a co-working space and shared communal areas. The point is to meet as many people as possible.

Though it’s possible to book for a week ($500, no matter where you are, or $1800 for a month), the startup prefers that people stay longer, believing that community is something that most people lack in city life now.

The first locations have been chosen for their year-round good weather and access to economic centers, but Haid hopes to eventually expand to every major city, and perhaps multiple locations within cities.

h/t FastCoExist