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In The Middle Of Her Pregnancy, Woman Notices That The Baby Is Not Hers…

By Karly Carpena
February 12, 2016

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Carolyn and Sean savage have always dreamed about having a large family, but they soon realized they needed help of artificial insemination.


After 10 years of trying, they were finally able to get pregnant with their third child. Everything was going according to the doctor’s plan…


But they faced the same problem when they tried to have a fourth child, so Carolyn decided to undergo a procedure to implant an embryo into her womb from a previous insemination attempt. But after hearing the good news, they were told about an accidental mixup…Carolyn was implanted with the wrong embryo, meaning she was pregnant with the baby of two complete strangers!


The couple made the decision to keep the baby: “We see it as a gift being able to help another family. No one knows more than us how hard this way is. But we want to follow it together.”

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