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In Just A Few Weeks, This 23-Year-Old Boy Became A Father And Grandfather! Here’s How…

By Ace Nichols
June 22, 2016

Tommy Connolly, a man from Australia, was just living the regular college life. Then out of nowhere, his teenage cousin added him on Facebook.

1Connolly hadn’t spoken to her in 10 years. After messaging her, he soon found out his cousin was homeless and 32 weeks pregnant.

2Connolly was currently training at school, Sunshine Coast University, to become a champion sprinter. But, once he knew what bad shape his cousin was in, he took her in immediately.

He picked her up from where she was sleeping on the Gold Coast and took care of her during her pregnancy. Now, he is assisting her in raising her 4-week-old baby boy. But he didn’t do just that…

3To make it even easier to help her care for her son, Connolly legally adopted the boy. This makes Connolly not only a new father, but a grandfather as well.

4Although he feels a little guilty for all of the sudden praise and attention, he knows he did the right thing by his family.

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