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If Your Pet Wears One Of These Flea Collars, Stop Everything And Remove It Before It’s Too Late…

By Ace Nichols
June 25, 2016

You may think you’re keeping your pet safe by providing them with necessary items to keep the critters away, like flea collars, but sometimes that’s not the case.

1Unfortunately, some of these products can do more harm to your pets than you might be aware of.

A woman bought her beautiful black cat, Onyx, a Sergeant’s Dual Action Flea Collar at a pharmacy in Lexington, Georgia.

Little did she know, this would be the beginning of the end for her precious kitty.

2She put the collar on Onyx hoping it would do the trick and help to prevent the fleas. Over the course of a few days, Onyx started to suffer from seizures and became incredibly ill very quickly.

That’s when she knew something wasn’t right.

3Onyx eventually lost her vision completely and then died from complete paralysis.

After that, the devastated family started to spread the word about these collars and demanded answers from the manufacturer.

4The company sent their condolences to the family, but had no idea why Onyx would have died from the chemicals in the collars. But, it’s not only Onyx who has had problems with these products.

Many cats and other animals have suffered from adverse effects and reactions to these flea collars – suffering from blistering and complete hair loss to the area.

5Please speak to your vet before placing any of these flea collars on your pet, because many of them do have the ability to make animals very ill.

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Rest in peace, Onyx.