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If You See THIS Black Dot On A Person’s Hand, Here’s What It Actually Means…

By Karly Carpena
February 15, 2016


I had no idea that every nine seconds, a woman is assaulted in the United States by their significant other. Because of this INSANELY terrible statistic, one brave lady has come up with a subtle campaign to enable those who suffer from domestic abuse to make a silent plea for help, without actually having to speak out.

It’s called “The Black Dot Campaign,” and it encourages victims to draw a small black dot on the palm of their hand as a tell-tale sign to those who may be able to help them.

“This is a campaign to help the most vulnerable victims of domestic violence,” reads the campaign’s Facebook page. “They simply draw a black dot on their hands and agencies, family, friends, community centers, doctors, hospitals can recognize this person needs help but can not ask for it.”

The woman who started the initiative suffered domestic abuse and prefers to remain anonymous, according to the Huffington Post. She explained that she wanted to do something “as so many people suffer in silence because they cannot ask for help.”

But what if the abuser sees the black dot on their hand?

“That’s why we continue to invent new ways to help,” the campaign’s founder said, in response to the criticism. “The black dot is not the only way to access help but it could be the one that could help a particular person. Each domestic abuse case is completely different, each perpetrator behaves differently, with one thing in common: CONTROL.”

“People are talking about domestic abuse and opening up the world’s eyes to this important issue,” says the anonymous founder. Over 5 million people have shared or are talking about the issue!