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If You See A Man With One Nail Painted, Here’s What It Means

By Karly Carpena
October 3, 2016

If you’ve begun to notice the men around you have one fingernail on their hands painted, rest assured in knowing they aren’t making a fashion statement, but more of a political statement, and what a statement it is.


The Polished Man campaign, now in it’s third year, encourages men to paint one fingernail to help draws attention to a very important cause and some major celebrities are backing the campaign up and painting their nail.


The Polished Man campaign by nonprofit organization YGAP, is now in it’s third year and aims ata raising awareness of child abuse by asking men to post pictures of themselves to social media with one fingernail painted.

According to Ygap’s website, “One in five children experience physical and/or sexual violence before the age of 18. That’s one too many.”

They created the Polished Man campaign to begin a conversation that would result in funds raised.

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