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Husband cheated on her and left because of her weight, then she gets the best revenge

By Karly Carpena
December 9, 2016

The couple’s daughter stayed with her father on weekends. Every Friday José would pick her up and when Lisseth began to lose weight, he started staring in amazement at the transformation his ex-wife was going through. One day José told her something she had not heard since their early days together: “You’re hot,” he said. She laughed and closed the door on him. Lisseth managed to teach her ex-husband a hard lesson and in doing so, set a great example for her daughter. No matter what, you don’t have to let someone take away your self-respect! Seeing his ex-wife now, José regrets cheating on her but it is a mistake he will have to live with. Lisseth has moved on. She’s regained her figure and her self-esteem and is looking forward to a very bright future!