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This Guy Has Made $15 Million Dollars Diving For Golf Balls

By Karly Carpena
October 27, 2015

One day, while Glenn Berger was unemployed, he decided to throw on his scuba gear and go grab some golf balls in the lake. That’s when a million dollar idea hit him! Sell the golf balls back to the golf courses.


Fourteen years later, Berger has made $15 million – retrieving 1.3 to 1.7 million balls per year. Berger will go to golf courses all around Florida, retrieve all the golf balls, then clean and sell them for a $1 a piece.

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Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.27.12 PM

While diving, Berger has found tables, golf carts, lawn mowers, snakes, bird skulls, and alligators – Although he doesn’t like to talk about them:

“I really don’t like to talk about alligators. They happen. You learn how to deal with them. Scuba diving is a dangerous sport as it is. People can usually see, I can’t see. I have fish, snakes, and turtles running into me all the time.”


h/t For The Win