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How To Escape If Your Car Falls Into The Water

By Karly Carpena
April 27, 2016

The weather this year has been extreme to say the least, with an estimated 400 people drowning in the United States each year because their cars being trapped under water.

Hopefully you will never need to know this life saving tip, but would you know what to do if your vehicle was trapped under water? Once your car is submerged, the pressure can build up making it impossible to open a car door. And now that many cars are run using computerized systems, even your windows can stop working in the even of an emergency like this.

The key is to try and get out of your car as soon as you can, before it is fully submerged. One of the major cause of death is because people panic and forget to take off their seat belts.

Another important thing that many don’t carry in their car is a window breaking tool. This can save you and your families life.

Source: ABC News