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How to create a penny floor that will blow your guests away!

By Karly Carpena
November 30, 2016

An anonymous woman, many speculate is named “Tonya” decided to give her old wooden floors an upgrade! But rather than just do the “norm”, she decided to use $150 worth of pennies.

The first thing she had to do was separate the dark pennies from the light ones. Next, she started by creating a checkerboard pattern in the middle of the room, gluing the coins down with normal craft glue.


Taken from a different perspective, you can see that they are actually more like diamonds that alternate between dark and light.


For the room’s margins, she switched to a zig zag pattern. As you can see, she got quite a bit done on the first day!


Then it was time for a lot more glue, coins, and a ton of patience.


Tonya made it all look so easy, but she did admit that the corners were very tricky and took ages.


Once she figured out the first corner, the others were easier though.


At one point Tonya noticed that she didn’t have enough dark coins so she used a cool trick. She bought some liver of sulphur gel on the internet and used it to give some of the pennies a darker, bluish patina.


Coin by coin her masterpiece took shape.




The final step was to seal the whole floor with epoxy clear coat. She found this at her local hardware store.


If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that Tonya was very specific about the positioning of each coin and made sure that Abraham Lincoln was always facing to the right.