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How To Create A Mini Cardboard Kitchen For Your Toddler.. SO CUTE!!

By Ace Nichols
March 8, 2016

This mom went above and beyond to create the ultimate little kitchen for her daughter and after it was all completed, the results were crazy amazing!


The Filipina Mom, Rodessa Villanueva-Reyes, shared her before and after photos on her Facebook page, where it received over 1000 likes.

Starting by just lining up old boxes and drawing on them to outline where she wanted the oven, doors, etc., she created something really amazing.



She used white cartolina and vinyl stickers to cover up the boxes.


Rodessa then used her daughter’s kitchen toys that she already had to complete the look.


She even gave the daughter her own restaurant name for her brand new mini kitchen. She glued a sign with “Audrey’s Cafe & Restaurant” on the front of the boxes to bring it all to life.


She made the faucet using an old hand soap bottle and the sink is actually a 6×2 baking pan that she had in her kitchen.


The range switches on the oven were made from old jar caps. How cool is that?


It looks like her daughter is happy with everything her mom has done. Maybe she will be so inspired by her mom’s DIY mini kitchen, she will open up her very own restaurant someday in her future!


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