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Here’s How To Always Win At Rock, Paper, Scissors

By Karly Carpena
September 13, 2016

1There is a method to improve the chances of winning. It has to do with stereotypes.


2According to author William Poundstone, in the first throw, men tend to pick rock, because it’s more of a masculine symbol. And women tend to pick paper.


3After the first throw, people tend to throw what beat them.


4A different study, from Zhejiang University, in China, found a pattern that people tend to throw after losing: If they lost with paper, they’ll choose scissors. If they lost with scissors, they will throw rock, and so on. The same study claims that people tend to chose the symbol they won with again immediately after winning. So if the person won with scissors, next time, throw a rock.


5If you announce what you’re going to throw, people don’t believe you, so follow through. Usually, you opponent expects you to throw anything but what you said!