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How INSANE Is This Halloween Makeup? Use This Simple Trick To Get The Look…

By Karly Carpena
October 29, 2015

YouTube makeup guru Promise Phan has one of the coolest ideas for Halloween, and all you need is black thread.


Foundation is applied all over her lips, to give the illusion of death.


Spirit gum (available at any Halloween store) is used to attach the individual thread pieces to her lips.


The Spirit gum is also the best way to keep the threads straight across your lips, making it look even more REAL! You could also just draw the thread lines with a pencil if you don’t want as dramatic of a look.


Brown makeup is applied at the end of each thread, to give the “needle hole” illusion.


Then red makeup is applied, of course to look like dry blood. So gross!


The finished product is AMAZING! One thing…just don’t expect to be chatting the night away, or drinking without a straw. I know it kinda sucks but EVERYONE will think your makeup is badass.


Watch the tutorial below to get the entire look: