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Homeless Woman Has Been Searching For Her Son For Years. Now Watch What A Stranger Does…

By Karly Carpena
December 18, 2015

James Worley, a homeless advocate, lives each day with the hope of impacting another person’s life. Unlike most people, James stops and chats with the homeless. He wants to learn more about them and give them the same recognition as someone who wasn’t homeless.


Little did he know, that running into Jennie Barela would change his life forever…


During their conversation, Jennie mentioned that she had been searching for her son for years with no luck.

Touched by the conversation, James managed to track down Jennie’s son and let him know about her location and how she dearly missed him.

When James gave Jennie’s son, Jason Osaka, a call, he learned that Jason had been searching for his mother for the past three years but had no luck. He had lost hope in reuniting with his mother, but thanks to James, a miracle had happened.

Jason got on a plane and headed for Tampa, Florida, to reunite with his mother.