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Tearful Moment When This Homeless Man Is Reunited With His Lost Daughter After 20 Years

By Ace Nichols
June 20, 2016

This homeless man lost touch with his daughter 20 years ago in the midst of his divorce. In this tearful moment, he finally speaks to her.

Pedro “Tony” Abrego told one of his friends he wanted to see his children before he died. His friend, Juan, a liquor store employee that he’s known for 10 years, helped him to reconnect with them.


Abrego posted a photo to Facebook of himself, with the help of his friend Juan. In just two days after posting, he received a message from his daughter. In her message, she said that they have been looking for her dad for years.

The first phone call between this father and daughter was filled with emotion. Abrego was very thankful of Juan for helping to bring them together.

They are now planning to bring the family together for a reunion after such a long time of being apart. The family is ready and willing to forgive Abrego’s long absence from them.

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It’s great to have good people in your life, like Juan, willing to help you any way they can in your time of need.

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