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Homeless man begs for money to get his dog out of the pound, woman pays entire fee

By Karly Carpena
November 22, 2016

A woman named Wilma Price went to Walmart to buy groceries when she spotted a homeless man begging for money. Little did she know that he was trying to raise money to get his dog out of the pound.


Normally a homeless person’s sign reads, “I need a beer” or “lost my job need help”, but the cardboard sign read, “Dog in Pound Need Help.” This touched Wilma and she made it her personal mission to reunite the two.


It turns out that he spent the last two days in jail for trespassing when his dog, Franklin, was impounded. It was going to cost $120 to get him out of the pound.


Wilma only had $8 to her name, but after verifying with the pound that Patrick wasn’t lying, she asked her friends for financial help. It turns out that even though Patrick was not in a good situation, he loved his canine with all his heart. Franklin was a completely healthy dog and all of his vaccinations were up-to-date.


Wilma said, “He was shaking when he came out of the pound. It was so happy to see the man. So sometimes you just have to dig deeper and do what’s right in your heart. That man loves that dog: on his backpack was the dog’s bowl and toys and it’s helping the dog survive against the world. The man was very very grateful he had tears in his eyes when the dog came out.”

You can learn more about their story and donate on their GoFundMe page.