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This New Music Video Parody Will Forever Change Hillary Clinton In Your Eyes

By Ace Nichols
May 11, 2016

Usually, Hillary Clinton is made out to be very stiff when someone does an impression of her, but this video will change the way you see her forever.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 12.28.34 PM

YouTuber Dave Days is at it again, after his first video about Hillary Clinton uploaded 8 years ago called “I Got a Crush…On Hillary.”

Now, he’s back with a super funny parody to the popular song by Fountain of Wayne, “Stacy’s Mom,” except it’s all about Chelsea’s mom.. Hillary!

Dave teamed up with director Josh Berger of Bad Influencer to create this video and everyone involved just wanted to provide some comic relief from all the seriousness that has been going on in this campaign.

Also, they really would love for Hillary herself to check out the video, so help them by clicking here to tweet the video directly to Hillary.

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